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All memberships are based on the calendar year from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

GAFÉIAS Founding member

Andreas G. Andiel, Geography - Urban and Regional Research, Assoc. Mgmt.

Martina Schwind, Legal Practitioner and Mediator,

Michael E. Wall Jr., Entrepreneur, TECHNOPROJEKT


GAFÉIAS Executive membership

Executive membership is dedicated to all those courageous colleagues who are creating the life of their dreams working as GAFÉIAS Executive or GAFÉIAS Officer in sustainability related fields, directly contributing to GAFÉIAS projects as volunteers or consultants. GAFÉIAS honors and salute them!

(free of charge)

GAFÉIAS Honorary membership

Honorary membership is reserved for persons of outstanding distinction who have provided great service to GAFÉIAS.

(free of charge)

GAFÉIAS Student membership

(EURO 100.- per year)

GAFÉIAS Junior Start Up membership

(EURO 400.- per year)

GAFÉIAS Patronage membership

(EURO 750.- per year)

GAFÉIAS Employee membership

(EURO 1,000.- per year)

GAFÉIAS Entrepreneur membership

(EURO 2,000.- per year)

GAFÉIAS Association membership

(EURO 10,000.- per year)

GAFÉIAS Corporation membership

(EURO 50,000.- per year)

GAFÉIAS Co-Financing membership

(EURO 100,000.- per year)


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