GAFÉIAS Directorates


GAFÉIAS Statutes: Bylaws & Rules, Directorates and Divisions (download)

Directorate GAFÉIAS Corporations & Commercial Affairs

GAFÉIAS Corporations International

GAFÉIAS Eco Tourism

GAFÉIAS Art Foundation

Directorate GAFÉIAS Education and Human Assets

Division Strategic Principles of Life & Success

Division GAFÉIAS Sustainability & HRM Certificate

Division GAFÉIAS Antinous Academy

Division GAFÉIAS Sustainability University

Directorate Information and Documentation

Division GAFÉIAS Media & Public Relations

Division GAFÉIAS Sustainability Network Database

Division GAFÉIAS Annual Congress

Directorate Social & Economic Development

Division GAFÉIAS Empowerment & Livelihood

Division GAFÉIAS Local Development

Directorate Migration & Integration

Directorate Mobility & Aeronautics

Directorate GAFÉIAS Space Research

Division GAFÉIAS Space Agency

Division GAFÉIAS Space Contact Force

Directorate GAFÉIAS Urban Development & Planning

Division GAFÉIAS Quality of Life in Urban Areas

Directorate GAFÉIAS Medicine, Health & Ethics

Division GAFÉIAS Institute of Health - GIOH


Directorate GAFÉIAS Environment and Food Security

Division GAFÉIAS Biodiversity & Conservation 

Division GAFÉIAS Environment, Energy & Sustainable Agriculture

Division Organic Farming

          Section Integrated Agro-Food Park Development

Division GAFÉIAS Forestry, Food Security & Water

Division GAFÉIAS Improved Irrigation Technology In Water Deficit Areas

Division GAFÉIAS Agricultural Crop Improvement

Division GAFÉIAS Agricultural Food Production Supply Chain & Market Analysis

Directorate GAFÉIAS Waste Management


          in cooperation with NaDeUm

Directorate GAFÉIAS Renewable Energy

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Ethiopia, Tigray © A. Andiel 2011
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