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Document (pdf): Annual Meeting, Vancouver, 16-20 February 2012, Flattening the World: Building a Global Knowledge Society

Document (pdf): The 21st century is shaping up to be a challenging one


Environment & Food Security

Document (pdf): Achieving food security in the face of climate change [2011]

Document (pdf): Ernährungssicherheit trotz Klimawandel? [Kopenhagen, 4. Jänner 2012 (]

SPS-LMM Final Report Publications


    (pronounced sông'hī') is an international non-partisan, non-political organization dedicated to research. Songai's mission is to focus on issues that affect strategic sustainable development1 for the continent of Africa and the West African sub-region, in particular. Songai's goal is to be a recognized authority on social issues pertaining to the sub-regions throughout the continent of Africa. The name “Songai” symbolizes the dynamism and power of the ancient West African empire.

    Mission Statement:

    Songai is a research organization. The Songai team critically examines issues that affect the development of Africa. Songai’s members discuss and develop practical proposals that take into account emerging technology and sustainable development approaches, which can be implemented to accelerate the economic and social development of Africa while preserving its rich history and cultural heritage.

    Songai shall collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organisations and international agencies to effectively implement change and accelerate the growth of Africa in order to create opportunities for current and future generations.

    Goals and Objectives:

    Songai's goal is to become a recognized authority on African development issues.

    Songai recognizes that Africa is on the cusp of tremendous growth over the next few decades. Songai's goal is to create an avenue for development professionals to provide their knowledge and expertise through meetings, collaboration, and the Internet, to ensure that governments and organisations make optimal decisions resulting in sustainable growth, poverty reduction and improvement in the quality of life of African families and communities.




GAFÉIAS team at Mums for Mums - Ethiopia, Tigray, Mekelle © A. Andiel 2011
GAFÉIAS team at Mums for Mums - Ethiopia, Tigray, Mekelle © A. Andiel 2011
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