GAFÉIAS Advisory Council


Senior Advisor: Prof. DI Dr. Roland Ernest Poms

ICC – International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
(NGO and Research Organisation) 

Secretary General/CEO MoniQA Association

Werner von Siemens Straße 1, 7343 Neutal, Austria

T: +43 676 5516636


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→  ICC – International Association for Cereal Science and Technology


Principal Investigator: Janos Vas

Agricultural Sciences, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria


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6.4. The Advisory Council of GAFÉIAS


This is composed of the chairs of Committees and Task Forces, the President of the environmental investments and sustainability related Section of the United Nations and the Dean and Vice Dean of the Global School of Environmental Investments and Sustainability and two representatives of other associations, corporations and governmental bodies.


It meets together with the members of the Executive Committee, at the time of the annual Congress of GAFÉIAS, and at such time as GAFÉIAS President requests, the time of written notification of the Agenda is normally at least 6 weeks. GAFÉIAS President chairs the meeting of the Advisory Council.


The Advisory Council is the scientific and strategic council of GAFÉIAS in matters of policy and long-term planning. It makes proposals on the aims and composition of Committees and Task Forces. Together with the Project Coordinator, it ensures the coordination and follow-up of activities of Committees and Task Forces and makes their conclusions available for the strategic planning of GAFÉIAS.


It may propose Honorary and Corresponding members to the Members' Assembly.


It may propose a historian to be appointed by the Executive Committee.




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Ethiopia, Tigray © A. Andiel 2011
Ethiopia, Tigray © A. Andiel 2011
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