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GAFÉIAS President & CEO: Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel

President GENESIS 7 e.V.


UNIDO, International Consultant, Rural Entrepreneurship Development

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Geography, Urban and Regional Research

University of Vienna, Austria;

Association & Conference Management,

vereint GmbH





Chief Creative Officer (CCO), GAFÉIAS: Manfred Maierbrugger

GAFÉIAS Generalsekretär (2013-2015)


Fotograf und Kameramann; Künstlerhaus Wien: Mitglied

Videomagazin, 1989: Von der Bevölkerung für die Bevölkerung               

Fernsehen: Sportkamermann, EUROSPORT (Skijournal)

Mountainbike, Snowboard und Freestyle Weltcup; subjektive Kamera

Kameramann – aktuelle Berichterstattung: ORF Kärnten,

MDR Thüringen, SAT 1

Kameramann in Marokko: Islamic Educational,

Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)    


MDR – Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, 1990-er Jahre

Regisseur; Unterhaltung, Schlagermagazin, Dokumentationen

Projekt – Studentenwettbewerb Space Hostel: Idee und Strategie




Projekt Integration von Jugendlichen;

European Young Worker Progress Base 4U

Europäischer Jugendaustausch

Bekämpfung der Jugendarbeitslosigkeit






GGG Advisory Board Member: Sladana John  

General Director GAFÉIAS Global Peace Initiative (GPI)


University of Vienna: African Studies -

Institute of African Studies (2010-2013)





GAFÉIAS Deputy Secretary General: Islam Sharipov

Dagestan, Russian Federation


Secondary School - Eco School, Neue Mittelschule, Alterlaa, Vienna (2014), Vocational Training College, Fachmittelschule für Berufe allgemein, Alterlaa, Vienna (2015), Handelsakademie (2017), Modell und Actor (since 2017), Gymnasium (2019)

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6.5. The Executive Committee

6.5.1. GAFÉIAS President has the following functions and responsibilities:

To act as the official representative of GAFÉIAS.
To sign with the Secretary General or Treasurer appropriate documents for GAFÉIAS.
To chair the Executive Committee and the Advisory Council and to be responsible for the short and long term planning of GAFÉIAS.
To chair the Delegates' and Members' Assemblies. In case of early retirement or physical incapacity of GAFÉIAS President, GAFÉIAS Vice President takes Office immediately until the end of his/her own mandate.

6.5.2. GAFÉIAS Vice President has the following functions and responsibilities:
To appreciate and become cognizant with the overall lines of policy and directions of GAFÉIAS as a whole.
To help in period of transition between officers of the Executive Committee and to assist the President in officially representing GAFÉIAS.
Upon request from the Executive Committee the Vice President can take on special tasks (including but not limited to the tasks in connection with the functions of the Executive Committee as described in article 6.6).

6.5.3. The Congress Manager of GAFÉIAS has the following functions and responsibilities:
To chair the Scientific Committee and appoint its members.
To invite Plenary, Highlight and other lecturers and session chairpersons.
To design and chair the opening and closing ceremonies in collaboration with a Local Organising Committee to be nominated by the Congress Manager.

6.5.4. The Secretary General of GAFÉIAS has the following functions and responsibilities:
To work in close collaboration with the Executive Secretariat and to supervise its work.
To ensure that the correspondence of GAFÉIAS is appropriately dealt with and filed.
To notify the Executive Committee, Advisory Council, Delegates and Members of the meetings with normally at least 6 weeks’ notice.
To send out the Agenda and Minutes of all Assemblies in good time.
To record all resolutions passed by the Executive Committee, Advisory Council, Delegates' Assembly and Members' Assembly and to document the short and long term plans of GAFÉIAS in the Minutes of those meetings. The Minutes shall be signed by GAFÉIAS President and Secretary General.
To be responsible for the Membership List with assistance of the Executive Secretariat.
To circulate the nomination papers in good time.
To be responsible Editor of GAFÉIAS web site and its content.

6.5.5. The Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer) of GAFÉIAS has the following functions and responsibilities:
To carry out the financial dispositions decided by the Executive Committee, and to keep accurate records thereof by the keeping of proper books of account with respect to the following:
All sums of money received and expended by GAFÉIAS,
All sales and purchases by GAFÉIAS,
All assets and liabilities of GAFÉIAS,
To report to the Executive Committee, the Advisory Council, Members’ Assembly and Delegates' Assembly on the financial state of GAFÉIAS, through a written account of income and expenditure for the preceding 12 months together with a balance sheet made up at the same date, once yearly, and to propose the budget for the next year to the Executive Committee and the Members’ Assembly.
To submit these accounts to the Auditors.

6.5.6. The Congress Vice Manager of GAFÉIAS has the following functions and responsibilities:
To participate and assist in the activities of the Congress Manager.
To prepare for the following GAFÉIAS Congress for which he or she is responsible in accordance with the Congress Manager guidelines.

6.5.7. The GAFÉIAS Director General has the following functions and responsibilities:

To be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Committees and Task Forces and to actively make recommendations to the Executive Committee.
To require and receive from the Chairpersons of Committees and Task Forces written activity reports which should indicate to what extent present goals have been reached.
To present the budget and accounts of each Committee and Task Force to the Executive Committee.
To receive proposals for new Committees and Task Forces and to advise the Executive Committee on the completion or termination of activity of Committees and Task Forces.

6.6. Functions of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be chaired by GAFÉIAS President.
It should meet at least once per year. GAFÉIAS President is responsible for calling a meeting and the Secretary General is responsible for notifying members of the Executive Committee of the date normally at least 6 weeks before a meeting is to take place, the agenda being presented two weeks in advance.
Decisions will be taken by simple majority vote. GAFÉIAS President will cast the deciding vote in case of a deadlock.
The Executive Committee can determine at its own discretion that meetings and the work of the Executive Committee concerning particular matters are confidential and must not be carried outside GAFÉIAS Executive Committee by any member.
The Executive Committee will be responsible for:
Establishing the broad policy guide-lines and forward planning for the Association and the overall budget of GAFÉIAS, including the Congress Budget.
Proposing membership fees and the level of contributions from Corporations, Associations and Governmental Bodies and administering the funds of GAFÉIAS.
Convening the Advisory Council, the Members’ and Delegates' Assemblies and reporting its activities to them.
Carrying out the decisions of the Delegates' and Members' Assembly.
The decision to launch or dissolve Committees and Task Forces and to appoint Chairpersons and members thereof as appropriate.
Propose Honorary and Corresponding Members
Agreeing, by simple majority, in advance, liabilities above €uro 80,000.

8. The Court of Arbitration

The Court of Arbitration may be called by the President of GAFÉIAS on the advice of the Executive Committee to resolve all disputes arising within GAFÉIAS that cannot be solved by the organs or officers of GAFÉIAS. It shall be composed of three individual members:
one chosen by the Members' Assembly,
one chosen by the Delegates' Assembly and
these two members shall choose a third acceptable to both, who shall act as Chair.
If no agreement is reached as to the choice of Chair, the choice of one of the alternative proposals shall be determined by lot. The Court of Arbitration shall then decide in matters of dispute as conscientiously as it can without being bound by fixed rules, but, if necessary, by majority vote.




5. The Executive Committee

5.1. The Executive Committee should promote Environmental investments and sustainability and undertake the appropriate public relations. The Executive Committee may appoint a professional staff to assist in all its activities.

5.2. The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall organization of the annual Congress of the Global Association for Environmental Investments and Sustainability of Economic, Social and Environmental Spheres and supports the Congress Manager in his/her role as defined in the Bylaws.

5.3. The Secretary General and the Treasurer of the Executive Committee should not leave the Executive Committee at the same time and one or the other may be granted an extra year in office to prevent this happening.

5.4. GAFÉIAS President is appointed as Honorary Editor of the Global Journal of Environmental Investments and Sustainability of Economic, Social and Environmental Spheres (GJEIS - GLOBAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTMENTS AND SUSTAINABILITY OF ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SPHERES) during his/her time of Office.

5.5. Members of the Executive Committee should belong to different countries.

5.6. Officers of the Executive Committee may resign from office before their term is completed on giving three months' notice in writing to GAFÉIAS President or GAFÉIAS Secretary General.

5.7. The Executive Committee can co-opt observers to participate in its meetings.



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