GAFÉIAS Statutes



Bylaws & Rules


  GAFÉIAS Statutes - Bylaws & Rules 2015-01-09 (download EN)


  GAFÉIAS Statuten 2015-01-09 (download DE)


  Changes of Statutes, Bylaws, §3 Fund Mobilization, §11 Expense Allowances and Salaries, 2015-01-09 (download DE, EN)


Code of Ethical Conduct


 GAFÉIAS Code of Ethical Conduct (download EN)




→  GAFÉIAS Guiding Principles with Regard to Transparency (download)




→  GAFÉIAS Confidential Disclosure Agreement (download)


→  GAFÉIAS Vertraulichkeitserklärung (download)




→  GAFÉIAS Anti-Corruption Rules & Guidelines


GAFÉIAS acknowledges the following ICC Rules & Guidelines []:


→  ICC Rules for Combating Corruption

(English) (pdf 143.87 kB)


→  ICC Third Party Guidelines –

ICC Guidelines on Agents, Intermediaries and Other Third Parties

(English) (pdf 325.63 kB)




  GAFÉIAS Association Registration Document 2020-01-10, Federal Police Headquarters, Vienna, Republic of Austria, European Union (download EN)


 GAFÉIAS Vereinsregisterauszug 2020-01-10, Landespolizeidirektion Wien, Republik Österreich, Europäische Union (download DE)




  Austrian Law of Associations 2002 (Österreichisches Vereinsgesetz 2002 – VerG)


GAFÉIAS is a voluntary NGO, non-governmental organization:

A non-governmental civil society organization (NGO) is a legally constituted organization created by natural or legal persons that operates independently from any form of government. The term originated from the United Nations (UN), and is normally used to refer to organizations that are not a part of the government and are not conventional for-profit business. In the cases in which NGOs are funded totally or partially by governments, the NGO maintains its non-governmental status by excluding government representatives from membership in the organization. The term is usually applied only to organizations that pursue wider social aims that have political aspects, but are not openly political organizations such as political parties.



  1. Name, Seat and Scope of Activities
  2. Objectives and Means of the Association
  3. Raising of Funds
  4. Voting
  5. Members
  6. The Organs of GAFÉIAS
  7. The Auditors
  8. The Court of Arbitration
  9. Committees and Task Forces
  10. Nomination and Election Procedures
  11. Indemnity
  12. Changes in Bylaws
  13. Dissolution of GAFÉIAS
Austrian Register of Associations, Bundespolizeidirektion Wien: ZVR-no. 463929368


  1. The Rules of GAFÉIAS
  2. Objectives of GAFÉIAS
  3. Membership Fees
  4. Delegates
  5. The Executive Committee
  6. Task Forces and Committees of GAFÉIAS
  7. Changes in Rules
  8. GAFÉIAS Congress - A Code of Practice

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