GAFÉIAS Mission Statement



All achievements and benefits of GAFÉIAS are dedicated to support sustainability of Mankind on Earth.


Investments initiated by GAFÉIAS are dedicated to succeed human civilization and guarantee environmental resources for generations.


Specific objectives – Strategic security imperative:

  • Reduction of extreme poverty and hunger  in developing countries
  • Contributing for environment sustainability & enhancing energy efficiency in a changing environment
  • Fostering education & human resources development for efficient use of resources
  • Improving the quality of life in cities, including ecological, cultural, political, institutional, social and economic components without leaving a burden on future generations
  • Enhancing the standard of medicine, fostering educational programs in the health sectors
  • Empowerment of women via hands-on training in order to secure new income generating jobs/activities for them  















Ethiopia, Tigray © A. Andiel 2011
Ethiopia, Tigray © A. Andiel 2011
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