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Young Creative Forum is a non- governmental and multi-national organization that cuts across the world. We are a global community of young people with a strong passion in making our youthful age great and desirous.  Young Creative Forum is a platform that brings opportunities to young people to learn new skills, equip her members with invaluable knowledge and the ability to work effectively and efficiently on time bound projects.



Our mission is to bring together creative young leaders and professionals from around the globe and from different entrepreneurial and enterprising spheres to make great societal impact and build a system that fosters mutual support cum synergy among its members.




Young Creative Forum, having young people’s interest at its fulcrum, organizes annual youth conferences in different parts of the world to train and educate youths on: 


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Career
  • Nation building
  • Social work
  • Positively inclined events

In addition, Young Creative Forum hosts youth online talks, business meetings, debates, community service and SDG's programmes. Young Creative Forum also affords her members the chance to be online interns for community building, to connect with interesting projects and project partners, job opportunities, scholarships, fully funded internships, study abroad programs, and building a network of experienced people thereby creating a wealth of human resource for the future.

Young Creative Forum accepts membership from young people across the globe with no bias as to race, culture, religion, denomination, tribe, belief and political inclinations.

Currently, Young Creative Forum comprises members from ten countries which include U.S.A, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Switzerland, Pakistan, India, Austria, Cameroon and Gambia. Join us today and together we’ll make the world a better place. 

We have members in ten different countries which includes USA, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Switzerland, Pakistan, India, Austria, Cameroon and Gambia. Be part of the YCF Movement. Let's make the world a better place. 🌍


YCF is a global community of young people who have a strong passion in making their youthful age great and a desire to learn all about YCF visions for the young. On this platform apart from members sharing ideas, they annually meet for conferences at different parts of the world to discuss pertinent world problems.


Currently, there are several conferences underway and several more yet to be organized (i.e. the South East Young Entrepreneurship Conference Nigeria,  North East Young Entrepreneurship Conference India.


Since its formation in 2019, YCF presents its members with the opportunity to ask questions, deliberate on issues, write articles, stay up-to-date on current affairs around the forums vision and answer questions posed by others, as well as ask questions on anything that boggles one's mind in achieving more.


Being on the YCF platform offers a lot of opportunities such as allowing you to connect with interesting projects, job and youthful opportunities, giving you update on scholarships for schooling, fully funded internships, study abroad programs, self-development, finding project partners and building a network of experienced people to learn from.


As a member of YCF, one highlights is the great opportunities listed above, that will jump start your career. Personally, you will have the opportunity to earn a fully funded internships around the world from YCF opportunity desk update. You can become an online intern for community building, marketing, social media and PR. It’s totally amazing. It offers you the opportunity to learn new skills, equip you with knowledge that is invaluable in the world of work and the ability to work well and hard on time bound projects with great supervision.


YCF is a platform that brings opportunities to the youth. Feel free to join this platform of achievers and partake in educational conferences worldwide. Remember when we as youth share ideas and help each other empower ourselves we create a wealth of human resource for the future.






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The 7 Portfolios below are members of the YCF EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS


1. General Coordinator/President


- Preside over all YCF affairs


- Primary representation of the YCF community


- Inspire good leadership within the YCF executive forum


- Build relationships and secure opportunities for YCF community


- Manage relationship with all patrons


2. Deputy General Coordinator/Vice President - Administration


- Manage all administrators functions


- Manage partnerships and external networks


- Manage sub committees on special projects


3. Deputy General Coordinator/Vice President - International Operations


- Manage all affairs of various countries


- Supervise country/continent activities


- Provide executive support and aid for continents and national executives


- Initiate and manage establishment of YCF community in other countries 


4. General Secretary


- Manage community activities


- Manage membership enrollments


- Manage compliance of members


- Report all activities of executives to the YCF community


5. Director of Media and Public Relations


- Manage all YCF media content


- Initiate media projects


- Ensure brand compliant image of the YCF community


- Create and approve all media content


6. Director of Programs


- Initiate programs


- Manage programs


- Ensure all programs are in line with the YCF vision


- Ensure compliance of all programs with the YCF program policy


7. Director of Finance


- Record all financial activities


- Manage recipient and disbursement of all funds


- Seek funding and sponsorship for YCF programs and projects


- Report all financial activities to the Executive Board


- Ensure compliance of members to financial support initiatives




The offices below are members of the YCF EXECUTIVE FORUM


8. Lead Creative


9. Assistant General Secretary 


10. Deputy Director - Media and PR


11. Deputy Director - Programs


12. Deputy Director - Finance




The offices below are members of the YCF LEADERSHIP FORUM


- Continents Coordinators - 7 officers


- Country Ambassadors - all countries represented



GAFÉIAS invites applications for the following NGO position: Deputy General Coordinator / Vice President - Administration


Responsibilities and Duties:


Coordinating with General Coordinator to implement all administrative strategies within the required timeframe.


Monitoring all Executives with the General Coordinator on their activities according to the existing policies.


Collaborate with the Executives to evaluate all programs and activity performances of Young Creative Forum.


Working together with the General Coordinator in collaboration with policy experts and scientists to resolve all complex issues and coordinate with all senior directors to represent Young Creative Forum at various meetings and supervise efficient work of the International Executives.


Administer everyday functions for Young Creative Forum and coordinate with the General Coordinator to prepare all long-term strategies to achieve all goals and evaluate performance of various YCF programs. 


- Familiarizing yourself with the organizations' mission, vision and goals.


- Working closely with other Executives and Primary Leadership to appropriate the plans and programs of YCF to befit the youth globally.


- Educate new members on the activities and objectives of YCF.


- Representing Young Creative Forum at events and programs.


- Seeking and establishing partnership that will grow the influence of YCF.


- Contributing ideas and concepts that can help YCF accomplish her annual goals.


- Maintaining a positive image of the YCF brand.


- Organizing YCF events within your country.



If you are interested in this position, please contact

Mag. Andreas Andiel,

GAFÉIAS President,

at the mobile number +43 660 7621873

or e-mail andreas.andiel@gafeias.org



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