• Project P11 Nepal - FARMARS: Facilitating Agricultural Revitalization through Market Access and Reorientation towards Sustainability (FARMARS) in Nepal. Sustainable income generation for poor rural communities including improvement of food and nutrition security.


Status: UNIDO submission (2014-08)


Thematic area code: Poverty Reduction through Productive activities (PRP)

Country:  Nepal (Churya and Mahabarat regions)


Project Duration: 4 Years

Project Funds: fund mobilization process starts Q4 2014


International Project Stakeholder:

UNIDO, Agri-Business Development Branch (tbc),

BOKU, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna,

ORA – International Organic Retailers Association,

GAFÉIAS - Global Association for Environmental Investments and Sustainability of Economic, Social and Environmental Spheres,

Helvetas (tbc),

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. (tbc)


Project Counterparts in Nepal:

HBDT - Himalayan Bio-Dynamic Developments Trust,

One World-alc Ltd. Nepal (marketing partner),

Ministry of Industry (tbc)

Ministry of Agriculture (tbc)

Ministry of Environment (tbc)





































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