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MASTERY.PROGRAMME® - Adler Social Coaching®

for managers of first and second level




In the MASTERY.PROGRAM® the participant finds a whole “toolbox“, with which he/ she becomes personally (more) satisfied and professionally (more) successful. This distance educational program has its origin in the know-how of the most established instructions for success worldwide. The most approved knowledge in the areas of communication, external and self-motivation and mental strength has been summarized and prepared in this unique educational program.


90% of everything we do, we do because of our habits! The successful person just has different habits from the unsuccessful person! If we want to improve something – no matter in what area – we have to change our habits. And herein lies the difficulty!


Imagine a person, who wants to start jogging. Often it is only a short period of motivation. He/ she starts running, but as soon as the weather is bad or the person does not have time to go outside – the old habit is back again. He/ she sits comfortably at home, not doing enough exercise. And it works exactly the same way, when you have read a book, watched a video or attended a seminar. You feel motivated for a short time, then you start to change something – and after a while you are back to your old habits again. The most difficult part is the phase of change! The new habits have to become automatic. Whatever you want to change, it has to become a part of yourself, it has to become a new habit!


The MASTERY.PROGRAM® is unique throughout Europe. It accompanies you for 3 - 6 months and can be done anywhere (for example at home):

  • 180 pages of knowledge, every day you read one page
  • 180 pages of exercises, exercises for self and external control, always for one day
  • 1 coupon worth Euro 350,- for 6 months of e-coaching, which will support your personal development
  • A certificate by request: at the end of the course you can send in your final test. A commission led by a court approved expert for education will certify your successful graduation in “social competence”.

With only a few minutes a day you get into the habit of the 12 LAWS for SUCCESS (“Die 12 NATURGESETZE zum ERFOLG®”) and a lot of things, that were a challenge before, are now easy and attainable.




Law of responsibility


To assume personal responsibility means to take a big chance. If one does not take on responsibility in society, then there will be no successful integration. By taking over responsibility consciously for one’s own thinking, the participant recognizes the opportunities in his/ her own area and wins personal free space.


Law of learning


Learning from your mistakes means, that a person corrects the way he is going, until he reaches the goal. Stop the “failure game”! Emphasis in this unit is solution oriented with constructive thinking and doing, the positive contact with one’s environment and the acceptance of every feedback as an indicator to optimize his/ her own path.


Law of will


What is the difference between dreaming, wishing and wanting? To set up a goal oriented will. The object is to find one´s own goals, to prepare the timing, to calculate the needed effort and to build up the will to accomplish the tasks in order to reach the goal.


Law of approach


The basis of each project is to know when and how to get started with something and how to accomplish it. After the planning and the decision-making are finished, it is important to move from talk into action. Especially at the beginning all our energy must be focused on our target.


Law of trust


It is very important to trust yourself. It is equally important that society/ environment can trust you. The requirement for that among other things is reliability, which again has its basis in self-responsibility and self-management. The participants learn in detail the positive effects of acting responsibly with agreements in all areas of life.


Law of reality


It is not always necessary to see everything as everyone else does. But it is important to know how the others see it, to learn how to deal with it and to be in contact with ones environment in a respectful manner. Empathy, understanding and tolerance are key qualifications for a harmonious coexistence. The participants receive all the tools in order to get along well and in a responsible way with his/ her own reality and with the reality of others.


Law of adjustment


Everyone looks after themselves. The more I am on the same level with my neighbor, the closer I am to him/ her and the more I can achieve. The goal is to learn how conscious adjustment or non-adaptation can be used efficiently in combination with being in contact with ones environment in a respectful manner. With a conscious decision about adjustment or non-adaptation, every single person gains personal free space and strength.


Law of leading


The basis of the Alphatier” and the correct use of it. The right choice between leading and being led. Also, in this unit it is important to learn the conscious use of the tools leading and being led and with that the requirements for the ability to work in a team and/ or to lead a team.


Law of balance


To find a balance between “giving” and “taking”. The balance of body, mind and spirit is extremely important to keep up the proficiency. Likewise, the external balance. “You reap what you sow“. One always has to pay a price in form of effort, resources and much more. Then, you will reach the goal easier and will be appreciated by the environment for his/ her actions.


Law of growing


Everything grows by switching between activity and passivity. Dealing with it appropriately, can get the maximum result. Constant action brings growth and success. This unit conveys to the participant the positive aspects of appropriate action, one of the basics, in order to be successful with every activity, either personally or professionally.


Law of defense


To know when to defend something and how to do it successfully, enhances our self-confidence. To build up a thinking of “we” in order to find a solution together, that everyone supports. This unit also teaches the participants basic skills for a harmonious interaction with his/ her environment.


Law of profit


If we give other people what they want, they will give us everything – which they think it is worth. To increase the value means that we receive more. The knowledge of your own worth leads to a stronger personality, which can operate calmly and thoughtfully in all situations and shape our own life.



The objectives

  • raising of self-responsibility
  • willingness to learn and to develop
  • conscious goal setting and support in achieving the goals
  • teaching self and external motivation abilities
  • increase decision-making, self confidence and assertiveness
  • improved concentration, communication and teamwork
  • increased productivity and coping skills against pressure


The product


The MASTERY.PROGRAM® from Adler Social Coaching® has its origin in the best-proven know-how of success worldwide. The most respected knowledge and experienced methods in the areas of communication, external and self-motivation and mental strength has been summarized and prepared in this unique educational program.


In this MASTERY.PROGRAM® the participant finds a whole “toolbox“, with which he becomes privately (more) satisfied and professionally (more) successful. The author incorporated his experiences with over 40,000 clients in this program and a team of scientists proved that all laws of success are realistic and of practical use.


The specialty of the MASTERY.PROGRAM® from Adler Social Coaching® is besides the broad content the unique didactic structure. The MASTERY.PROGRAM® gives the participant, for the first time in this form, the opportunity not only to read the basics of success, but to understand them by acquiring their own experience with it and really to get into the habit of doing it permanently!



The author of the course


The author of the MASTERY.PROGRAM® is Eric Adler, who is working as coach and trainer since 1990. He provided top athletics, politicians, artists and business people continued support on their way to success, passed on his know-how to approximately 50,000 participants in lectures, seminars and workshops, taught “social competence” in schools and at the university.


As founder of the „Adler Social Coaching-Institute für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Sozialkompetenz“, he instructs international license trainers. Furthermore as President of the Europe Institute for Social Competence he devotes himself to the research and development of contents and methods to support personality, self and external control – in other words social competence, which is the secret of every development of the personality.


“Social competence is the ability to get along well with oneself and with ones environment.


The better someone gets along with oneself, the more content, balanced and focused one will be.


The better someone gets along with one’s environment, the more successful one will be.”


The scientific consultation and advice of the MASTERY.PROGRAM® has been carried out from:

  • Prof. MMag. DDr. Bernhard F. Seyr: a court-approved expert for education, economist and social scientist, university lecturer, awarded by the Academy of Science, author of many publications inter alia of the manual of European Educational Policy
  • Univ.Prof. Dr. Gerhard Spitzer: biologist, teaches at the university of Vienna, mainly developed „Die 12 NATURGESETZE zum ERFOLG®“ fundamental for this program
  • Univ.Ass. Dr. Johannes Zeibig: general practitioner, sports physician, emergency doctor, physician of complementary medicine, trainer of biofeedback, mental coach, supervisor at the Olympia base Obertauern inter alia from Herrmann Maier and Fredrik Nyberg, author of many publications inter alia the book „Fit ins Alter“
  • Dr. Heidi Bernhart: attorney, mediator, life and social consultant, expert for civil law mediation, state accredited trainer for mediation, founder and manager of a seminar center
  • Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf: psychologist, expert for biofeedback and stress training, economy trainer specializing in health psychology, conflict analysis and burn-out prevention
  • Prof. Dr. Anneliese Fuchs: psychologist, psychotherapist and supervisor, chairwoman of the study group “social sustainability”, general secretary for the working team on preventive psychology
  • Editorial Office: Dipl. BW Albert Wimmer



Europe´s leading Institute for Social Competence


The content of teaching and the method from Adler Social Coaching® are new and unique throughout Europe. This new “school” in the educational sector is approved since many years already and was recommended during that time by the Ministry for Social Affairs. The European Social Fund, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Employment Service classified this program worthy of promotion. It was also posted as a subject in graduation classes, in adult education centers and at the university. Well-known concerns and approximately 50,000 private clients have already successfully completed the training of Adler Social Coaching®.


A joint project of the Federal Ministry for Social Security, the Generation and Consumer Protection, the Association for the Promotion of Social Knowhow and Adler Social Coaching® was formed to evaluate the effectiveness of this unique method to develop the personality. It revealed 4 out of 5 participants in the MASTERY.PROGRAM® verifiably improved their personal and professional life, as well as their mental attitude. Their daily encounters were much more on a conscious level than before the training and they strengthened their personality permanently!


© Eric Adler
© Eric Adler
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