GAFÉIAS Life & Success Principles presents

Jack Canfield - The Success Principles


Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer [2005]: The Success Principles – How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Element - Harper Collins Publisher, London, UK. 473p.


Martin Laschkolnig - Die Erfolgsprinzipien: Seminare - Trainings - Vorträge

GAFÉIAS ETHIOPIA Training Curriculum 


Training Programme


I. The Fundamentals of Success
Presentation I. (download)
Curriculum I. (download)

The Vision Exercise (download)

II. Transform Yourself for Success
Presentation II. (download)
Curriculum II. (download)

III. Build Your Success Team
Presentation III. (download)
Curriculum III. (download)

IV. Create Successful Relationships
Presentation IV. (download)
Curriculum IV. (download)

V. Success and Money, VI. Success Starts Now

Presentation V. (download)
Presentation VI. (download)
Curriculum V.+VI. (download)














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