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Österreichisch-Äthiopische Gesellschaft






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ZVR-No. 559059652

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AES General Assembly 2013: 28 October 2013, Vienna, Austria

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AES General Assembly 2015: 15+18 September 2015, Vienna, Austria

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The Austrian-Ethiopian Society is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with the purpose of


·         Constructive interaction and networking between Austrian and Ethiopian citizens, their institutions and companies.


·         Exchange of knowledge, technologies and cultural achievements between Austrians and Ethiopians.


·         Project development in cooperation of Austrians and Ethiopians, their institutions and companies.


·         Fund mobilization for development cooperation projects.


·         Eco Tourism based educational journeys.


By-Laws (Geschäftsordnung) Addendum:


§ add 1 EN: The Austrian-Ethiopian Society follows a technical approach according to the general procedure of UNIDO, beyond all political considerations.

§ add 1 DE: Die Österreichisch-Äthiopische Gesellschaft folgt technischen Ansätzen entsprechend der generellen Vorgangsweise der UNIDO, jenseits politischer Kalküle.

§ add 2 EN: The Austrian-Ethiopian Society is focussing on development cooperation projects.

§ add 2 DE: Die Österreichisch-Äthiopischen Gesellschaft konzentriert sich auf Projekte der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit.




AES Past President & Honorary Member:

Horst Seidler, emeritus O. Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.(PhD)

President of the Austrian-Ethiopian Friendship Society 1999-2013

→  Career portfolio

Born July 26, 1944, in Vienna, Horst Seidler studied at the University of Vienna in four areas — anthropology, medicine, psychology, and statistics — to which he remains devoted and all of which he has promoted over the course of his career. He received his Ph.D. on Sexual dimorphism in isolated os coxae in 1972, was appointed reader (uenia legendi) for human biology with a Habilitation on Social anthropological investigations of remedial pupils in 1979, and became full professor and head of the Institute for Anthropology at the University of Vienna in July 1984.



Honorarkonsulat der

Demokratischen Bundesrepublik Äthiopien

Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Wien

Tel: (+43 / 1) 4277 - 54701    Fax: (+43 / 1) 4277 - 9547


Amtsbereich: Republik Österreich

Herr Prof. Dr. Horst SEIDLER, v Honorarkonsul, (17.12.2004)

Substitute: Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel,

President of the Austrian-Ethiopian Society (since 2013)

Tel: (+43 / 660) 762 1873




Konsularabteilung der Botschaft der

Demokratischen Bundesrepublik Äthiopien

Zaunergasse 1-3/1/H1, 1030 Wien

Tel: (+43 / 1) 710 21 68 Fax: (+43 / 1) 710 21 71


Herr Kifle Getachew Adila, v Zweiter Botschaftssekretär, (21.01.2002)




AES President: Andreas G. Andiel

→  Curriculum Vitae GB

→  Career portfolio GB

Geography, Urban and Regional Research

University of Vienna, Austria;

Association & Conference Management,

vereint GmbH




AES Secretary General: Desta Alemu

History and Social Sciences, University of Vienna;

Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna



AES Chief Financial Officer: Jestin John Pagavathiethu

Webster University, Vienna

BS Information Management





Advisor: Elias Tadesse Amenu

Business Administration, International University Vienna







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