Division GAFÉIAS Improved Water Harvesting & Irrigation Technology In Water Deficit Areas


  • Project WS1:

Development and Up-grading of Water Supply and Sustainable Management of Rain Water Harvesting Schemes in Major Towns of Tigray Regional State, Ethiopia;

Part I.: Urban Areas; Part II.: Rural Areas;

Project progress:


UNIDO Service Summary Sheet (SSS) development (2015-07):

Official Project Request Letter from MoI FDR Ethiopia, MU and AU (2015-07)

Project SSS submission to UNIDO (2015-08)

Project document development (2016 Q1)

Project implementation (2016 September)



  • Project WS2:

Increasing the Livelihood of Farmers Through Providing Sufficient Irrigation Water for Agricultural Production in selected Woredas in Amhara and Tigray Region, Ethiopia


  • Project WS3:


Potable Water Supply, Hygiene & Sanitation in North Shoa Zone of Ethiopia, Waro Jarso District. Exploiting locally available resources for water security, hygiene & sanitation enhancement.

Project Author: Samuel Emiru, Ethiopia



Innovative Concepts:

warker water




Project Team:


Project Coordinator and Technical Advisor:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kassa Amare


Mekelle University, Department of Earth Science, Ethiopia

Geology, Physical Earth Sciences, Geochemistry






GAFÉIAS President & CEO:

Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel

UNIDO, International Consultant, Rural Entrepreneurship Development

→  Curriculum Vitae English update 2014-12-23

→  Career portfolio EN

Geography, Urban and Regional Research

University of Vienna, Austria;




GAFÉIAS GLCI Business Administration:

Elias Tadesse Amenu

Business Administration, International University Vienna







Director GAFÉIAS Environment & Food Security:

Dipl.-Ing. Demlie Gebreselassie Zelelew, MSc.



BSc in Agricultural Engineering,

Majoring Soil and Water Engineering,

Haramaya and Alemaya University,



From 2012-2014:

MSc. (Dipl.-Ing.) in Water Management and Engineering

at University of Natural Resources and Life Science (BOKU),

Vienna, Austria






Project Coordination Unit (PCU):


The Project Coordination Unit (PCU) has already been established at Mekelle University in July 2015) and it is expected to coordinate also this project.


Project Stakeholder:


International Project Stakeholder:

(1) UNIDO (HQ, Vienna International Center, Austria)

(2) BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Department of Forest and Soil Sciences (Vienna, Austria)

(3) GAFÉIAS - Global Association for Environmental Investments and Sustainability of Economic, Social and Environmental Spheres (Vienna, Austria)

(4) MACHINES-PLANTS GmbH, Purbach, Austria


Project Counterparts in Ethiopia:

(1) Ministry of Industry - The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

(2) Mekele University, Department of Earth Science, Ethiopia

(3) Adigrad University, Department of Earth Science, Ethiopia

(4) EIAR - Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research

(5) Tigray Bureau of Industry and Trade

(6) EPA - Environmental Protection Authority, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

(7) EPA – Tigray Environmental Protection Land Administration and Land Use Agency

(8) TARI - Tigray Agricultural Research Institute

(9) Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency of Tigray Region (Regional SMEDA)

(10) Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development, Adigrat, Tigray


Local City Administrations, Tigray, Ethiopia:


Mek'ele (population 2012: 219,818)

Hawzen (population 2005: 5,638)

Abiy Addi (population 2007: 16,115)

Adigrat (population 2007: 57,588)

Adwa (population 2007: 40,500)

Alamata (population 2007: 85,403)

Axum (population 2010: 56,500)

Humera (population 2007: 21,653)

Korem (population 2007: 16,856)

Maychew (population 2007: 23,419)

Qwiha (population 2005: 12,543)

Shire (Inda Selassie) (population 2007: 47,284)

Wukro (population 2007: 30,210)

Zalambessa (population 2005: 10,551)

Total population: 650,000



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