• Project P2 EWP: "The Hidden Harvest" towards Food Security: Promotion of Edible Wild Plants for Dietary Diversity, Better Health, and Poverty Alleviation


Status: submission to ADA (2012-04) and OFID (2012-08)


Project Coordinator: Demel T. Fanta

Project Duration: 5 years (with possible extension)

Project Location: Ethiopia, Mozambique, Botswana

Project Fund: ADA (submission 2012-04-15), OFID (submission 2012-08-03)


Publication: Demel Teketay (ed), Feyera Senbeta, Mark Maclachla, Million Bekele, Pia Barklund (2010): Edible Wild Plants in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa University Press (2010) 570 p., ISBN 978-999444-52-28-6, aau.press@ethionet.et


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