Cactus Eritrea


  • Project P11 Cactus Eritrea: The role of Cactus - Opuntia Ficus-Indica - in a Changing Environment in the Semiarid Zone of Eritrea / Exploiting locally available Resources for Food Security Enhancement


Status: concept development (2012-08), SSS submission to MoA Eritrea (2015-05)


Project Coordinator: Berhane Habte / Abdulwahid A. Saif

Project Duration: 5 Years

Project Location: Eritrea

Project Fund:


International Project Stakeholder


Austrian-Eritrean Development Cooperation Association – AEDCA

Agricultural Research & Extension Authority (AREA), Sana’a, Republic of Yemen


Project Counterpart in Eritrea:


Ministry of Agriculture, National Agricultural Research Institute, Forestry and Wildlife Research Unit

Ministry of Agriculture

P.O. Box 1048 Asmara

181 499 / 181 077

181 415


→ Interview with Eritrean Minister of Agriculture Ato Arefaine Berhe

EriTV - The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, has called on farmers to finalize preparations for rain-fed farming and adhere to effective use of water resources, and thereby boost production. He made the call during an interview he conducted with the national media focusing on the prospects in the upcoming rainy season and the programs set for implementation in this connection. Mr. Arefaine indicated that popular soil and water conservation ventures have been conducted since the year 2011 within farming as well as arid areas nationwide, and that the undertaking is expected to raise production efficiency of the restored agricultural areas by more than 20%. He further disclosed that various seeds of cereals have been selected through research on the basis of their domestic consumption rate, resistance to drought, as well as potential yield and are being distributed to farmers. Accordingly, the level of wheat harvest in Central, Sothern, Anseba and Gash-Barka regions has grown to 50 quintal per hectare, while it stood at 20-30 quintals per hectare until recently. Moreover, Mr. Arefaine gave extended briefings in the course of the interview pertaining to the current condition regarding livestock, forestry, dams, grazing areas and agricultural facilities, among other. He also said that farmers should adhere to modern farming techniques and exchange experience among them. He further expressed the Ministry's readiness to extend technical support to them.



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Österreichisch-Eritreische Gesellschaft


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