• Project P5 Cactus Yemen: The role of Cactus - Opuntia Ficus-Indica - in a Changing Environment in the Semiarid Zone of Yemen / Cactus in Yemeni Desert: From Marginal to Competitive Crop


  • submission from AREA to ICC 2009 (concept note), Entwicklung des Projekts im Rahmen der AMA – Agrarmarkt Austria bis 2009-2011
  • submission from GAFÉIAS to UNIDO 2011-03 (GAFÉIAS – UNIDO Service Summary Sheet - SSS)
  • submission from GAFÉIAS to OFID 2011-04 (SSS)
  • submission from GAFÉIAS to USAID 2012-04 (extended project concept)

               GAFÉIAS / USAID project Concept 2012-04 (download)

  • GAFÉIAS workshop preparation for Sana'a 2013 (concept)

               GAFÉIAS Workshop Concept Yemen 2013 (download)

  • GAFÉIAS – UNIDO Cactus Horn of Africa Conference preparation 2013 (concept, UNIDO Aide-Mémoire)

               GAFÉIAS Cactus Horn of Africa Conference Concept 2013 (download)

               GAFÉIAS Cactus Horn of Africa UNIDO Aide-Mémoire 2013 (download)

  • submission to SMEPS 2015-10 – Small & Micro Enterprise Promotion Service, Sana’a – Republic of Yemen, Ali AlDiwani, Project officer (extended GAFÉIAS – UNIDO - SMEPS Service Summary Sheet – SSS)
  • Yemen Roadmap for Peace linked to AREA / GAFÉIAS / UNIDO Cactus Project Yemen implementation strategy (2015-08)


Project Coordinator Yemen: Prof. Dr. Abdulwahid A. Saif (AREA)

Project Coordinator Austria: Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel (GAFÉIAS)

Project Duration: 5 Years (implementation)


Project Locations: Western (region around Hajjah), Southern (region around Al Turbah, Al Hugariah district, south of Taizz) and Central Highlands (region around Sana’a)


Project Fund: OFID (introduction 2011)


→ UNIDO / GAFÉIAS / AREA / BOKU / ICC PowerPointPresentation (download)


Project Stakeholder in Austria:

BOKU - Department of Forest and Soil Sciences (Austria)

ICC - International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (Austria)


Project Counterpart in Yemen since 2009:

Agricultural Research & Extension Authority (AREA / AARINENA) Republic of Yemen+

FAO Institution Record, AREA

Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Yemen 


Project Counterpart in Eritrea 2012:

Prof. Berhane Habte

Head of Forestry and Wildlife Research – National Agricultural Research Institute,

Forestry and Wildlife Research Unit, Ministry of Agriculture, State of Eritrea











Cactus pear (Opuntia Ficus-Indica) - Ethiopia, Tigray, Irob Region, Alitena © A. Andiel 2014-09-25
Cactus pear (Opuntia Ficus-Indica) - Ethiopia, Tigray, Irob Region, Alitena © A. Andiel 2014-09-25
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