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Österreich-Gabun Gesellschaft



Austrian Register of Associations, Federal Police Department Vienna,

ZVR-No. 860964829

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Integrated Agribusiness in Gabon

  • PPP2 - Integrated Organic Farming in Gabon



concept note development (2012-12),

project proposal development (2013-01),

submission to funding organizations for preparatory assistance (PA) (2013-03),

preparatory assistance fund (2013-08),

1st preparatory assistance (PA) mission to Gabon (2014-04-08 till 29),

          →  project recommendation letter

project document development (2014-05)


Project Duration: 5 Years

Project Locations: Gabon




Project Team

Mag. Andreas G. Andiel: Project Management, GAFÉIAS

UNIDO, International Consultant, Rural Entrepreneurship Development

GAFÉIAS, President & CEO

Austrian-Gabon Society - AGS, Vice President

Geography, Urban and Regional Research

University of Vienna, Austria;

Association & Conference Management



André Demartin: Chef de Projet Avicole-Gabon, GAFÉIAS / UNIDO

Technical Project Coordination

Austrian-Gabon Society - AGS, President





Assoc. Prof. Dr. Werner Zollitsch: Scientific Counsellor

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Austrian-Gabon Society - AGS, Scientific Counsellor



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© AMA Marketing

Mag. Sabine Flöcklmüller: Marketing Expert, Nutrition Expert

Austrian-Gabon Society - AGS, Chief Financial Officer

Vienna University, Nutritional Science

Agrarmarkt Austria - AMA Marketing, Marketing Manager




Monika Demartin: Public Relations

Austrian-Gabon Society - AGS, Secretary General 

Sociology and Political Science








Project Stakeholder


(1) GAFÉIAS - Global Association for Environmental Investments and Sustainability of Economic, Social and Environmental Spheres


(2) Kuratorium Kulinarisches Erbe Österreich, Mag. Sabine Flöcklmüller, Secretary General


(3) ZAG - Zentrale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Österreichischen Geflügelwirtschaft, DI Michael Wurzer, CEO


(4) BOKU Vienna
















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